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NEW! - Trillium - The Rattlin' Bog


1. Settin’ the Woods on Fire (1:55) – H. Williams
2. Southern Flavor (2:50) – B. Monroe
3. Duelin’ Banjos (3:23) – A. Smith
4. The Rattlin’ Bog (3:50) – traditional
5. Ashokan Farewell (3:20) – J. Ungar
6. The Night Paddy Murphy Died (3:08) – traditional
7. Nuages/Swing Gitan (5:02) – D. Reinhardt
8. Puttin’ on the Ritz (3:07) – I. Berlin
9. Meltaus (3:15) – A. Jarvela
10. Danny Boy (4:22) – traditional
11. Baby Everett’s Music Box Rag (2:15) - M. Eichmann
12. Santa Baby (3:55) – Javits/Springer
13. Spring Rain on a Tin Roof (3:33)– M. Eichmann
14. Molly Malone (3:02) – traditional
15. Amazing Grace (2:40) – traditional
Definitely our most eclectic CD, we began recording The Rattlin’ Bog two years ago hoping to capture the incredible energy our violinist Jonathan De Souza brought to the group, before his return to Canada. We were most fortunate to have our original amazing violinist, Paul Russell, rejoin us after Jonathan’s departure, and record the remaining tracks. Jonathan is featured on tracks 1,2,3,6,7,8, 9, 10 & 12; Paul is featured on tracks 4,5,9,11, & 14. By the miracle of modern technology, even though these two musicians have never met, both are recorded on the wild Finnish fiddle tune on track #9.

The album includes many of our most requested pieces, including bluegrass, gypsy jazz, swing, Celtic and even a Newfoundland folk tune! As always, our music is the synthesis of a lot of creative energy … and fun!


Crossing the Stream

 1. Staten Island/Red-Haired Boy/Liberty – trad./arr. Trillium
 2. Big Rock Candy Mountain/Dixie
– McClintock/arr. Trillium
 3. Tennessee Waltz –  R.Stewart/P.King/arr. Trillium
 4. Jenny Lind Polka/Swedish Polka – anon./arr. Trillium
 5. Young Ladies in Town/Jefferson & Liberty/Crossing the Stream – trad./arr. Trillium
 6. Wade in the Water – trad./arr. Trillium
 7. Black and White Rag – Botsford/arr. Trillium
Soldier’s Joy/Star Spangled Banner – trad./F.S.Key/arr. E. Hall/Trillium
 9. Schule Agra (Johnny’s Gone For a Soldier) – trad./arr. Trillium
 10. Rights of Man/Harvest Home/Boys of Bluehill – trad./arr. Trillium
 11. Westphalia Waltz/No Name Waltzes I & II –   trad./arr. Trillium
 12. Soldier, Soldier, Will You Marry Me/Girl I Left Behind Me – trad./arr. Trillium
 13. Along the Path (based on a Navajo prayer) – Eichmann/Lofstrom/arr. Trillium

Mim Eichmann (hammered dulcimer, vocals, percussion - tambourine)
Ed Hall (guitar, banjo, vocals)
Jonathan De Souza (violin, mandolin, bodhran, whistle, viola, vocals)
Doug Lofstrom (bass, vocals) 

Copyright:  Little Miracles Productions 2009
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   Trillium - The Moody Leprechaun

  1. Bonaparte Crossing the Rocky Mountains/Star of Munster – trad./arr. Trillium

  2. Miner’s Lullaby – lyrics: U. Utah Phillips (used with permission);
    music: Trillium

  3. Ragtime Annie/Beaumont Rag – trad./arr. Trillium

  4. Fargo/Ewe with the Crooked Horn/Fargo
    C. Burwell/trad. – arr. Trillium

  5. Sweet Georgia Brown – Pinkard/Casey/arr. Trillium

  6. When You Look into My Eyes
    lyrics: M. Eichmann; music: Trillium 
    based on the traditional tune
    Rince Briotanach

  7. The Moody Leprechaun – music: E. Hall/arr. Trillium

  8. Health to Your Company – traditional/arr. Trillium

  9. Pardon My Southern Accent – J. Mercer/arr. Trillium

  10. Puddleglum’s Misery/Pumpherston Hornpipe
    J. Sutherland/J. Kirkpatrick/arr. Trillium

  11. I’ll Fly Away – A. Brumley/arr. Trillium

  12. Sally in the Garden/Swallowtail Jig/O’Keefe’s Slide/
    O Those Britches Full of Stitches/John Ryan’s Polka

    trad./arr. Trillium

  13. The Maiden and Her Child – traditional/arr. Trillium

  14. St. Anne’s Reel/Fisher’s Hornpipe – traditional/arr. Trillium

  15. Greensleeves/Coleraine – traditional/arr. Trillium

Mim Eichmann (hammered dulcimer & vocals)
Ed Hall (guitar, banjo, background vocals)
Doug Lofstrom (bass, keyboard)
Paul Russell (fiddle & mandolin) 

Copyright:  Little Miracles Music 2007
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Over The Waterfall

  1. Over the Waterfall/Blackberry Blossomtraditional
  2. The Snowstraditional
  3. Tiger Ragtraditional
  4. A Chicken Ain’t Nothin’ But a BirdCab Calloway
  5. Port One Step/Dill Pickle Rag – traditional
  6. Summertime – Gershwin/Heyward
  7. Cold Frosty Morning/Full Rigged Ship - traditional
  8. Erev Shel Shoshanim/Drowsy Maggie Yosef Hadar/traditional
  9. Swinging on a Gate/Whiskey Before Breakfast - traditional
  10. Miss Fogarty’s Christmas Cake traditional
  11. Road to Lisdoonvarna/Off She Goes/Morrison’s Jig – traditional
  12. Maggie in the Woods/Kitchen Girl/Galway Hornpipe traditional
  13. Pig Ankle Rag/Pigtown Fling/Festival Rag –traditional/Bill Robinson

Mim Eichmann (hammered dulcimer & vocals)
Ed Hall (guitar, banjo, background vocals)
Doug Lofstrom (bass, keyboard)
Paul Russell (fiddle & mandolin) 

Copyright:  Little Miracle Productions, 2006
Cover Photo:  Kevin Rockmann
CD Insert Design: Joe Bowlby
Additional photos & web design: Bill Little

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